Why a job at Neanex?

Neanex is a startup, with a sharp focus on digitising construction from cradle to cradle. We want to set a new standard for how buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels… are designed, built, operated and maintained: fit for the actual need, lean, sustainable and digital. Our company already consists of innovative consultants and developers with different backgrounds and fields of expertise.


Our company values

At Neanex, we value openness over politics, teamplay over personal win and curiosity over arrogance. We embrace change, professionalism and a can-do attitude. 

Our team

We know it, research shows it: happy team members are productive team members. We took great care in building a transparent, open culture where everyone feels at home.

Our clients

We consider every client as a partner, and we’re proud of the ones we have. We work with industry leaders, ambitious startups like us and everything in between, global or local.

We walk on the cutting edge of business-knowledge, experience and technology. Our team uses all these aspects to achieve great things. We’re always on the lookout for talents with a creative-yet-analytical mindset, a healthy amount of perfectionism and a strong drive to push boundaries and gather knowledge.

We’re ambitious and we’ll work hard to reach our goals. But we know the best work is supported by happy people and an open company culture. We’re looking for smart people with a mindset that jives with ours – are you in?


We make BIM collaboration software that helps AECO professionals think as many and work as one. Join us and help architects, engineers, contractors and operators design and create a better world.

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