The one true Portal</p>
<p>for Architects

The one true Portal

for Architects

Focus on what matters: your design

Thanks to the Neanex Portal we are able to centralise all the design information and enhance collaboration significantly. Email has become obsolete.

Manage your team

    • Manage the project team, their roles and their tasks

    • Communicate interdisciplinary with more ease using Kanban

    • Manage different perspectives by different disciplines

Manage your team

Build a smart BIM model

    • Connect data from other applications and perform powerful bulk-edits

    • Analyse requirements whilst designing into a clear Program scope

    • Create and link (BCF-)issues directly to Objects in any CAD software

Build a smart BIM model

Deliver a compliant design

How it works for you

    • Test and verify requirements while designing in CAD using our CAD-plugins 

    • Easily enrich the design with any relevant information through our online 3D-viewers

    • Manage and generate automatically all technical specification books

Deliver a compliant design

Enhance the construction process

    • Keep track of changes and their impact

    • Manage Interfaces with an easy and fluent clash detection process

    • Deliver complete and correct data in any Open Standards to others

Enhance the construction process

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