Privacy statement

When you are using the Neanex BIM Portal or whenever you are in touch with Neanex, we care for you and your privacy. Hence, we would like to inform you about the measures we have taken to protect your data!

Relationship with the data

Neanex acts as a controller and a processor of personal data. 

A data CONTROLLER is responsible for the data that is being kept and used electronically or on file and enters into agreements with other parties for the processing of its data. The controller will determine the goals and means by which the data is processed. Neanex acts as a data controller for all personal data of clients, registered in its databases. 

A data PROCESSOR processes data on behalf of a data controller. Neanex acts as a data processor for the data that is being registered by you when you are using our BIM Portal. 

Collection of personal data

Neanex can process the following personal data in order to provide you with the desired services when you enter into an agreement with us, when you subscribe for or request a demo or trial, when signing up for our newsletter or an event or when contacting Neanex support services. 

When using our BIM Portal, we also process some personal data in order to be able to improve our services and to offer you the best support when you are encountering a problem. We refer to the Neanex Terms & Conditions you have signed with us as a supplement to this statement. Also anonymous data is being collected in order to keep track of your customer experience and for statistical and product development purposes.

* Name and first name

* Personal address 

* Company address

* Invoicing address

* E-mail address

* phone number

* Company name

* Information regarding your surfing behavior when using the Neanex website or BIM Portal (this includes but is not restricted to IP-address, browser, recordings of your surfing habits)

* Other personal information that you might have shared with us

Safety and reliability

Neanex is committed to protect and avoid unwanted or detrimental access to your personal data by adopting technical and organisational measures. All your personal data is stored in datacenters in the EU. Personnel acting under the supervision of Neanex and authorised to process personal data have a commitment to ensure the safety and reliability of your personal data in accordance with the privacy legislation.

Your personal data will only be accessed by Neanex in the following circumstances:

  • In order to provide the services as agreed with you;
  • To support and improve your customer experience;
  • To comply with legal provisions;
  • Upon your customer request.

Processing of personal data by third parties

Personal data is sometimes being transferred to third parties (sub-processor) in order to provide the services as outlined in the agreement. Neanex monitors the safety and reliability measures of its partners and in accordance with the data minimisation principle, data is only processed if necessary to carry out the agreement.

Each sub-processor to whom Neanex transfers personal data agrees that personal data is obtained only to provide the services that Neanex has entrusted to him. 

Neanex is committed not to transfer any personal data to third parties unless:

  • The processing is necessary to carry out the agreement;
  • This is necessary in order to comply with legal provisions;
  • Upon customer request.

Retention of the data

Neanex will not hold personal data of its customers longer than is required to carry out the agreement or to fulfill legal obligations. 

Your rights 

You also hold the right to view your personal data or to have the data modified or removed. Neanex will upon request and within a reasonable period provide you with an overview of your personal data.

Updates to the statement

Neanex holds the right to adjust the privacy policy whenever it deems fit. You can check this page from time to time to keep track of the most recent changes.

For any questions or concerns about your personal data, do not hesitate to contact us at or Klokstraat 12, 2600 Berchem, +32 3 286 46 37.