The All-in-One BIM Collaboration platform for Engineers

Create better models, improve productivity and collaborate with all project stakeholders.

Neanex links the design, architectural, and construction data together to deliver better decision making abilities.

How it works for you
  • Manage the scope & centralise all design information

    • Manage the Project Team & Roles
    • Gather and structure all stakeholders information
    • Easy interdisciplinary communication with kanban based issue management
    • Translate the functional needs into a clear scope
    • Conceive a reference design to support the brief or program
  • Build a smart and collaborative BIM model

    • Apply our CAD-plugins to connect & empower the CAD-Model with our cloud platform
    • Manage all meta-data centrally and perform powerful bulk-edits
    • Test & verify while designing applying our CAD-plugins for Revit, NavisWorks, Acad,...
    • Create & link (BCF-)issues directly to Objects in any CAD software or centrally in our 3D viewer. Process these issues within an easy Kanban workflow
  • Deliver a compliant design

    • Easily enrich the design with any relevant information through our online 3D-viewers
    • Manage the integrated BIM model and its different discipline models including their versions
    • Manage and generate automatically all technical specification books
    • Test, verify and validate the design before building it
  • Enhance the construction process

    • Keep track of changes and their impact.
    • Manage Interfaces with an easy and fluent clash detection process
    • Ensure quality and enhance site inspections
    • Check and validate delivery data in any open format like CObie, COINS,…

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