The All-in-One BIM Collaboration platform for Contractors

Take control of your BIM processes and reduce costs significantly.

Thanks to Neanex all relevant information for an optimal pre-construction preparation is available instantly. This helps us to reduce costs significantly during the execution of projects.

How it works for you
  • Achieve a compliant design and win tenders

    • Master the contractual scope and project risks
    • Manage the design and engineering process and its progress
    • Calculate costs and budgets in sync with the design
    • Close contracts you can deliver: capable-to-promise
  • Improve pre-construction preparation

    • Define the construction methods and their requirements
    • Manage and optimise costs (BOQ)
    • Test and validate the design before building it
    • Manage interfaces with an easy and fluent clash detection process
  • Enable lean construction and co-creation

    • Approve the execution design and proposed solutions using Kanban
    • Check and validate delivery data in any requested format like CObie, COINS,...
    • Improve site inspections and project follow up
  • Predictive operation with knowledge

    • A real digital twin of your project
    • All relevant information throughout all life cycles at your fingertips
    • Ensure long term quality and manage (preventive) maintenance

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