Digital Tunnel Twins


When it comes to tunnel infrastructure, governmental asset owners and their suppliers face serious challenges in development, renovation and asset management. One of these challenges concerns information management: having the right data, at the right time, at the right place.

Asset owners are accountable for knowing what assets they own, how these assets perform and how these assets are maintained. This is why suppliers are more and more bound to the contractual obligation to deliver information on what is designed, built or maintained, to their clients. And evidently suppliers need to have their data sorted out in order to manage their own responsibilities.

In order for information management to be a key enabler (or disabler) for asset management, three main requirements can be identified:

  • No loss of data (and knowledge) between life-cycle stages,
  • Accurate and up-to-date information on asset performances,
  • Easy to access and navigate data despite sources and systems being scattered. 

There is a need for IT innovations and an integral approach to information management to fulfil these requirements. Clients, design firms and contractors need to take the information needs of other parties within the assets’ life-cycle into account and need to be equipped with software tooling to share data with one another.

The Neanex BIM Portal is a software innovation that integrates requirements, design and asset management information. The software offers functionalities to use Object Type Libraries (classification standards) to identify which data is required by other parties, update an asset register during the asset’s life cycle and distribute up-to-date information to various software applications. Regardless of whether these applications are used by the supplier, partner or client.

The Neanex BIM Portal contains a ‘twin’ representation of the real physical tunnel which can be navigated in 3D and presents all necessary information on individual assets that are highlighted (see figure). The software makes use of graph technology (NoSQL) for handling big volumes of data, is fully cloud-based and has off-the-shelf add-ons for Autodesk (CAD) applications, Systems Engineering tool Relatics and Linked Data Platform Laces for sharing data in an Open Standard across supply chains. 

Asset owners and their suppliers should be serviced with easy to use applications and coherent data when it comes to information management, in order to be able to focus on their core business: guaranteeing safety, availability and value for (public) money. Neanex aims to play its part in taking up this challenge.

  • Easy to access and navigate data despite sources and systems being scattered.
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