The one true Portal 

Think as many, work as one

The Neanex Portal assembles all project information in a digital asset register. This cloud-based solution aims to reduce costs significantly, and help zero-email and first-time-right AECO projects become real.  

  • 1/5

 At Neanex, we have built a Digital Asset Register, connecting information, tools and people across all disciplines from initial design to the construction site and operations & maintenance. 

  • Plan

    Build a complete, consistent and traceable brief.

  • Design

    Create a compliant design and win tenders.

  • Build

    Enable lean construction and co-creation.

  • Maintain

    Keep all knowledge and information at your fingertips.

Key benefits

of our BIM collaboration platform


    • First-time-right projects

    • Data in context

    • Enhanced data exchange 

    • Reusable data sources 


True team

    • Kanban, no email

    • Data access anytime, anywhere 

    • Combine, enrich & share asset data 

    • Contextualised 3D-viewer

True team<br/>collaboration


    • No vendor lock-in

    • Enable Smart Assets

    • Built on open standards

    • Lifecycle information management