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What's new

Neanex introduces a brand new BIM integration platform, connecting information, tools and people across all disciplines and across the entire lifecycle.

BIM integration platform

Our BIM collaboration software - entirely based on data instead of documents - manages all project information, communication and workflows.

BIM collaboration software

This cloud-based solution aims to reduce failure costs significantly, and make zero-email and first-time-right AECO projects become a reality.

cloud based BIM

Discover our new BIM platform

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28 - 29 November



BIM Platform Praktijkdag Ghent

4 December

Discover how to avoid failure costs,
miscommunication and delays.


Neanex provides collaboration software for AECO professionals across the entire project lifecycle.

Clients / Owners

  • clarify project goals and needs
  • develop a consistent project brief
  • manage tendering & selection
  • monitor design & execution

Architects / Engineers

  • grasp design brief and program
  • conceive optimal design
  • verify and validate compliance
  • supervise execution with digital twin


  • master contractual scope
  • manage engineering process
  • prepare construction activities
  • build and deliver as-built data

Facility Managers

  • specify FM needs upstream
  • link asset information to FM-systems
  • visualise FM-data in BIM and VR
  • initiate extensions and renovations


Key benefits of our BIM collaboration platform

Workflows entirely based on data instead of documents
True asset-centric lifecycle management using open standards
Vendor-agnostic solution for all AECO professionals
Kanban-based communication and action management for zero-email collaboration
Contextualise meta-data in IFC-viewer for insightful navigation
Work in your prefered CAD/BIM tool, but always connected to everyone